Price Ideas


Typical Charges


HK$3,500 – 5,000/ 1,000 words


English Chinese

General: HK$1,000 - 1,100/ 1,000 words

Technical: HK$1,200 - 1,400/ 1,000 words

Finance: HK$1,300 - 1,500/ 1,000 words

Legal: HK$1,400 - 1,600/ 1,000 words

Chinese English

Same rate as English Chinese but based on number of Chinese Characters

Other languages

HK$1,500 - 1,800/ 1,000 words


English Chinese

Local: HK$800 - 1,100 per hr (minimum 3 hrs)

Overseas: HK$1,000 - 1,400 per hr

(All travelling & accommodation expenses to be borne by client)

(*could provide in-country interpretation service in some major cities of mainland China at a lower rate. Quotation to be provided on request.)

Other Languages

Subject to Negotiation

Chinese Typesetting

HK$120/ 1000 words


HK$80 per page

English Typesetting including Formatting

HK$120 per page

Special Forms


Powerpoint / Videoes

Quotation per request

Printing Service

Quotation per request